Conversational Confidence

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Conversational Confidence

Curso de Conversación con Nativo

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Robert Holden studied at America's top Comedy Schools for years Second City  such as Chicago. Toronto and UCB, LA and New York (Ghostbusters, Austin Powers, Steve Carell, Steven Colbert, etc came from these schools)
Robert Holden has performed Comedy Onstage in London, Manchester, New York, Chicago, California and mostly Toronto where he has worked performing Improve Onstage for years.. During this time, plus his 4 years at drama school, he has always taught English. He found that by combining his two passions- Improve and English Teaching, he could give the students a new skill Conversational Confidence.
This fun conversational course teach you to think quickly on your feet, through Scenes, Roleplay and Theatre Workshop Games  and text study. It is so fast paced fun and spontaneous, not only will your mind think quickly in English, but also dream in it, too.


This course is not only for the ones who want to improve their English, but also for networking with actors, performers, writers and directors.